Import Wegmans.io Collection

  1. Install Postman

  2. Open our collection online

  3. Click the "Run in Postman" Button in the top right


How do I use for Wegmans.io Collection?

  • Once in Postman you will see a Wegmans.io collection.

  • You are now setup to use any of the routes in the collection

  • Set up your subscription key

    • Click the ellipsis on the collection then Edit

    • Go to Variables

    • Enter / Paste your Subscription id from your profile on this site

  • Generate Code Snippets in your choice of coding language

Product Examples

Discover new products by navigating our Product Categorization

Search for a product by text (i.e. Milk) Product Information

Product details, descriptions, images Product Information

Does a store Carry the product? Product Availability

What Aisle is it in a store? Product Aisle Location

How much is this product at a store? Product Price


Stores Examples

Access a list of all our store locations and retrieve their details Store Information 


Code examples

This site will provide basic code samples in many languages.  

An alternative is to use Postman to generate snippets.  To make sure you get working solution please turn on "New Code Generation Mode"